MICROFIBRE  – Active everyday

sigvaris_mens-argyle-pink_1Microfibre are a support and class 2 sock for men and women.


They are made from advanced microfibre technology for ultimate comfort. Each range is available in different colours for everyday wear.

As they are made from microfibre each sock glides on and off with ease. Minimal adjusting needed for a comfortable fit. Each sock has excellent breathability and moisture management.


The microfibre is great for men and women who would like to wear compression without purchasing a medical compression stocking, they look just like regular socks. They are a soft and durable sock for everyday wear.

MICROFIBRE range details:

  • Support compression, 15 – 20mmHg
  • Class 2, 20 – 30mmHg
  • Sizes A – D for support and Small – Large for class 2
  • Calf socks for Men and Women
  • Purple Argyle, Pink Arglye and Blue Argyle available
  • Closed toe only