Made-to-measure garments for the treatment of post-burn and post operative. For the use of prevention and treatment of;

  • hypertrophic scars and keloids
  • Angioma
  • Hemangioma
  • Other treatments that require pressotherapy.

All garments are made to measure for a customised fit. Measurements need to be taken for each garment.

Fabric is soft to the touch for a comfortable fit. Several colours available, depending on type of garment. Standard colours include beige, brown, black and white.

Each piece is personally made by hand in Spain. Seams are sewn to the outside of the garment and completely flat, to avoid rubbing in sensitive areas. Natural anatomic shape knitting decreases and increases. Openings can be made to aid in fitting garment.

Levels of pressure controlled at 15mmHg to 50mmHg. Compression can be adapted to patient’s needs. Varying levels of pressure possible between different parts of the same garment. Garments are made with dynamic pressure for 100% elasticity recover.

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More information: Presotherapy Range Catalogue