Aids & Gloves


Textile GlovesSigvaris Textile Gloves are latex free and easy to use. They are made for putting on and taking off your compression garments without damaging the stockings and protecting your skin. The Textile Gloves are textured to grip  your compression garments.

Sigvaris Rubber Gloves are designed specifically to aid in putting on and taking off Sigvaris compression stockings. The grooves of the gloves are made for gripping and moving stockings on the leg or arm.

You must use the gloves when putting on and taking off compression stockings as the six month warranty is void if there is any damage to the stockings.

‘Sigvaris Fix’ Glue

It stays glue

Our compression garment glue is a special adhesive for fastening medical compression stockings without a grip-top.

  • Pliable adhesive which adapts to body movements
  • Can be washed off with water
  • Leaves no stains
  • Is often used as a means of fastening orthopaedic and surgical aids to the body


Doff N Donner

The doff N’ donner enables patients who cannot reach their feet or pull the stocking with their hands to slide the stocking up the leg. Can be used for closed and open toe stockings. Gloves must be used when using a donning aid.

Made from a durable plastic frame and silicone tube the doff N’ donner allows all people to put on and take off stockings easily.


Simon is designed to don and doff at home. The handles make it easy when you have low mobility. A carer can also detach the centre piece to put on compression garments.

Simon packs down so you can take it on trips and stow it away when it is not needed. Comes in XS, S, M and L.

Sim-slide and Magnide

The sim slide and magnide range allows individuals to doff and don compression garments easily, suitable for both closed and open toe stockings. The sim-slide is great for arm sleeves with and without mittens.

They are made from a light parachute material which allows for easy sliding on and off. Machine washable on a light cycle.